Winchester and the surrounding counties have so many unique foods and local products to offer. With this site, we hope to help bring information, education, and resources to the community. We want to grow the age-old practice of supporting our own community. Along the way we will provide tips to keep you at your best throughout the year. We will also be highlighting many local businesses. If you own a business and want us to highlight any special offerings, feel free to contact us.

Join us in supporting our friends and neighbors!


The Local Scope’s mission is to

  • convey how important local food and healthy eating is to us
  • provide free resources and education to the community
  • highlight the importance of fresh and safe products that support small, local farmers and help the environment
  • support local economies and businesses
  • emphasize a lifestyle that will support you own community


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The Contributors of The Local Scope

Tammy Batcha is a life-long resident of the Shenandoah Valley. A long-time commuter, she seeks to reconnect to her community. A board certified, health and wellness coach, she continues to study integrative nutritional theory while guiding others on a path to wellness.

Dr. Joelle Cafaro helps individuals solve their health problems using alternative medicine and nutrition. ​She is in private practice specializing in alternative medicine and natural health.  ​Dr ​Cafaro is certified in clinical nutrition, holds a certificate of proficiency in practical herbal therapy and is the author of numerous health and wellness articles. DrJoelleCafaro.com

Katie Kraemer is currently completing her Dietetic Internship through Virginia Tech University. She is passionate about traditional food practices, functional medicine, and evidence based practice. In her everyday life, she shares her knowledge about the restorative power of whole foods, herbs and farming. After her internship, she plans to pursue a career in the nutrition field where she can use her holistic and balanced approach to healing.

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