Allergen Friendly Restaurants

With all of the restaurant options in our area, you can always find somewhere to grab a meal, right? If you have a food allergy or special diet, the joy of going out to eat can be stressful. To help with this possible dilemma, I wanted to create a guide to navigating restaurants that cater to special dietary needs. Starting with a few restaurants around the Winchester walking mall, here is what I found:

Hideaway Café offers almond and soy milk for beverages, gluten free bread and bagels available for sandwiches, and gluten free and occasional vegan cookies. The menu items are made to order, so almost anything can be made to meet your needs.

George’s Food & Spirits offers food items that are shellfish, gluten, or dairy free. They are willing and prepared to fit most dietary needs.

Thai Winchester Restaurant offers substitute sauces and can eliminate eggs to make many meal items vegan. Almost all dishes have a vegetarian option and most dishes are gluten free. The ingredients are clearly mentioned on the menu to make it easier for customers to choose menu items that fit their needs.

Fresco Kitchen offers vegan, gluten free, and vegetarian options throughout their menu. They also offer gluten free desserts and rotating weekly meals that are often allergen friendly.

Bright Box Theater offers a variety of appetizers and desserts that are gluten free or vegetarian, and a rotating weekly soup that is often allergen friendly. Many menu items are or have the option to be gluten free. Other allergies can be catered to as well.
Brubakers Restaurant offers gluten free soups and desserts. Most of their menu items have gluten free options. They also have gluten free beer available. They have a few vegetarian options as well. The restaurant does not serve any items with peanuts or peanut products.

Violino Restorante Italiano offers 4 -5 appetizer options that can be made gluten free, and have gluten free and vegetarian soups as well. The menu items will state if the item can be changed to fit your dietary need. They also do not use any soy or peanut products in the restaurant.

147 North Restaurant and Nightclub offers a veggie burger and salads for vegetarians. They can also make a few gluten free accommodations, such as baking potato skins instead of putting them in the fryer. Just ask them ahead of time and they will do what they can to accommodate your needs.

El Centro Classic Mexican Food and Drink offers 12 gluten free items in their own section on back of main menu. They have vegetarian and vegan options throughout the menu. They also have gluten free beer.  Let your server know and they can modify other items as well. They do not use any peanut oil. The mole sauce is the only item that contains peanuts. They use soybean oil to cook their foods.

Roma Old Town Wood Fired Pizzeria offers a gluten free pizza crust, and vegetarian menu and pizza options. They can eliminate the breading on certain items to make them gluten free. They use soy oil, with no peanut oil. They also offer ciders and mead for gluten free options.

Awabi Sushi Bar offers gluten free sushi options, gluten free soy sauce, and are willing to customize certain menu items to fit your needs. They also do not use peanuts or peanut products in their restaurant.

This is just a start…more restaurants to come in future articles!!!!!!