Natural Flu Prevention

As the weather changes and remains cold, there is a demand on your immune system. If you are healthy and not faced with a lot of additional stressors, often you can weather the change and remain healthy. This holds true for some who seem to never get the flu.

But if you get the flu once or twice a year or get sick and remain sick for 5 days to a week or longer, then you likely need to make some changes and take some steps to improve your immune system. 


For many, the cold weather coupled with consistent stress of everyday life can push an already weakened immune system to the edge, leading to common illnesses and viruses.

If you have low immune system reserves, you may have increased risk of illness during the cold weather.

Start now!  It’s now time to get started on strengthening your immune system and reducing your risk of the initial colds, flu’s and secondary infections from a run-down immune system.  


flu stats

Follow these guidelines to avoid cold & flu 

  1. Reduce stress as it compromises your immune system

  2. Avoid sugar, it too compromises your immune system

  3. Get adequate sunlight (15-20 minutes each day)

  4. Exercise

  5. Eat 5-7 servings of fruits & vegetables per day

  6. Drink bone broth

  7. Consider immune support in the form of herbs or supplements (like a natural flu shot)

Remember the best defense against flu is prevention.

I recommend that along with healthy habits and following the guidelines above, that you take a natural immune support supplement to ward off flu throughout the flu season (October-March). It is an investment in your health, prevents unwanted time off from work and helps you to remain healthy.

Natural Flu Immune Support Suggestions:

  1. Echinacea – research shows it works best when already in your system when you encounter/ are exposed to flu germs. Good for ongoing immune support throughout the cold & flu season
  2. Andrographis Complex – a combination of these herbs: echinacea root, holy basil herb, andrographis herb
  3. Astragalus Complex – a combination of these 3 herbs:astragalus root, echinacea root & eleuthero root