Meet the Farmers

These are just a few of the many hardworking, friendly, and knowledgeable farmers we have in our area. If you get the chance, come out to the local markets and meet them!


Bethlehem Farm, which means “house of bread” in Hebrew, started their venture with a brick oven. They started farming to provide their family with a healthier and safer source of food, and an excellent training experience for their home schooled children. They felt God calling them to this mission. Over the years they have grown into a prosperous family farm. They now offer pasture raised, organic, soy free, poultry eggs and meat (turkey and chicken). They also offers grass fed and finished beef, pastured pork, organic fresh milled breads and brick oven pizza, granola, cookies, chicken stock and more. They continually work to diversify and offer more products for themselves as well as the community. Along with the Old Town Farmer’s Market, they also sell direct from the farm and currently sell their eggs in a store in Martinsburg, WV.
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Boward Family Farm is family owned and operated. What started out as a way to provide their family with safe and healthy food, turned into so much more. Their sustainable, non-GMO, chemical free farm is located in Hampshire County, West Virginia. To keep their farm chemical free, they use practices such as companion planting, lime, diatomaceous earth, and homemade fertilizer. They are learning as they go, keeping an organic integrity at all costs. At the farmers market this year, they are offering produce such as carrots, beets, rhubarb, dried cayenne peppers, horseradish root, purslane, lambs quarters, and more. They also offer free range, organically fed chicken eggs. These eggs are the real deal, they have a dark yoke and are very tasty! They also offer natural home health and beauty products like green salve and bug spray. In the future, they plan to provide meat from their heritage breed Large Black hogs.
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Hedgebrook Farm in Winchester, VA seems to be doing it all. The owner, Kitty Hockman is always looking for new ways to help the community with her land and farm. The farm has been in operation since 1906. Kitty came back to the farm in the 70’s to help her parents. She ended up changing it from large scale production to a smaller herd of Jersey cows. The smaller scale allows her to sell her products directly to her customers, which she loves. The farm provides raw milk and cheeses from their Jersey cows, grass-fed, hormone-free meats (beef, lamb, and pork), and raw honey. All of these products are available at the farm. They are certified organic and Animal Welfare Approved. They use their own compost, aged at least 1 year, and focus on companion planting, and organic sprays to reduce pests. The farm is also home to donkeys, llamas, ducks, chickens, turkeys, cats, peacocks, and more.

They provide cow boarding, educational tours, a wonderful vacation retreat called the Herds Inn, and soon to open The Birds Nest, their first tiny house. The farm is also home to the Opequon Presbyterian Church community garden (who donates all of their produce to Highland Food Pantry) and TEENS, Inc. mentioned below. To further help the community, Kitty volunteers as a chair of the Winchester, Frederick County Tourism Board, where she works to bring groups of people to the community. She is also an elected official to the Lord Fairfax Conservation Board, where she helps land owners find more sustainable uses for the water, land, and air.
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TEENS, Inc. is an amazing addition to our community. They provide at-risk youth agricultural knowledge and skills to help prepare them for a brighter future. They are a certified organic, non-profit organization located at Hedgebrook Farm, where they grow produce with aquaponics, soil, and tower gardens in a 3000 sq. ft. greenhouse. They offer produce such as herbs, kale, lettuce, tomatoes, collard greens, cucumbers, and melons. Their produce is sold at the Old Town Market as well as Gentle Harvest in Marshall, VA.
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Mayfair Farm in Bunker Hill, WV, is an example of what hard work and determination means and a true gem in my eyes. They have been selling, rain or shine, at the Freight Station Farmer’s Market since 1987. They are dependable, kind-hearted, and sell the widest selection of local fruits, berries, and vegetables in the area. They started their farm in 1983 at square one and it has been their sole source of income since 1987. The farm is 50 acres in size, with about 6 acres of orchard, 3 acres of all berry varieties, 5 greenhouses, and 12 acres of vegetables. Along with tons of tree fruits, berries, and over 35 different vegetables, they also offer cut flowers, herbs, jams/jellies, baked goods, and wild caught Alaskan fish (caught by a family member in Alaska). They use organic practices, such as composting, mulching, cover cropping, organic fertilizers, and disease barriers. They spray the fruit trees on a very limited basis with organic and chemical sprays. Along with the market, they also sell to One Block West, Violino Ristoranti Italiano, The Farmers Daughter in Capon Bridge, WV, and contribute to 2 local food pantries. Visit them at the Freight Station during the hours listed above all year long!
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Mock’s Greenhouse and Farm in Berkeley Springs, WV, provides excellent hydroponic produce. They are one of only a few Good Agriculture Practices certified hydroponic growers on the east coast. The owner, Paul has been farming his whole life and continues to perfect his growing techniques to provide high quality produce. They offer 6 varieties of tomatoes, 6 varieties of cherry tomatoes, 6 varieties of lettuce, along with cucumbers, cilantro, basil, and watercress. They do not use any herbicides, pesticides or chemicals. Instead, they use tools like natural predators (lady bugs), Jalapeno juice, and organic fertilizer. To help increase their lettuce production to keep up with demand, last year they expanded their growing area by 16,000 square feet! Later this season they will offer triple sweet corn, peppers, berries, and ginger. During the winter they also sell Christmas trees. Along with the Old Town Farmer’s Market they sell at 11 other markets around the area, Whole Foods and Wegmans in the DC area, and local restaurants in Berkeley Springs.
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